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Bicycle Servicing

We offer three levels of bicycle repair service, we can discuss what is required when you bring it in. You can drop your bike off at any time during normal hours. 

Basic services done same day, just drop it in with us in the morning and collect it at the end of the day!
General services isially within 48 hrs

Call us to chat about it 01273 905920
Or BOOK HERE using our booking portal (takes a few seconds to load)


Bike Services on Offer

Bicycle collection/Delivery within 6km radius add £10

Basic Service £40 - Kid's bikes and single speed bikes £25
This service is the minimum to make sure your bicycle keeps working. It looks at your brakes, gears and drive train and we give advisories to any further work or replacement parts that may be needed. Gears will be indexed and brakes will be adjusted. Your tyres will be pumped up and any neglected bicycle will feel like it's being loved again. If parts are needed to be replaced the service will be elevated to a general service.

General Service £65
Is a more involved look at your bike. It will diagnose any problems and give advisories on any further work that needs to be done. Your gears will be properly indexed, brakes adjusted and everything tested for wear and movement. Your drivetrain is thoroughly cleaned wit Muc-Off environmental products. General service gives you great peace of mind to keep you rolling reliably.

Frame & forks checked dings, dents, cracks or misalignment
Visual assessment of wear on grips/bar tape
Visual assessment of wear on saddle
Headset checked opened, cleaned and lubricated
Bottom Bracket checked for free movement and adjusted if required
Allen bolts checked and tightened to correct torque
Hubs checked for play and free movement of all bearings
Lubrication of chain, mechs & cables with Muc-Off environmental lubricants
Brake and gear cables replaced if necessary at cost (we only use the best stainless steel slick coated cables @£5 per cable)
Brake pads replaced if necessary at cost. (we use organic pads for less squeel and better performance in our coastal setting@ £10/pr dics pads, £5/pr v-pads)
Adjustment of brakes and checked for efficacy - hydraulic brake bleeding is extra at £20 per brake. 

Works Service £120
As with General service but includes a full strip clean and rebuild. Hydraulic brake bleed included. 

Puncture Repair 
Fit new tube £15
Fit new tube on wheel with hub gear £20

Workshop labour is charged at £40 per hour - small jobs from £10 (15mins)

New Bike in a Box build £50
Have your new bike delivered to us to build properly and dispose of the enormous box for you. No need to take the day off work waiting for a delivery and no queuing at the tip to get rid of the cardboard and packaging. Collect at your convenience. Fitting of accessories included. 

Wheel Building from £40 single £75 pair
We can lace, build, true any wheel you want. You can provide the parts or we can source them for you. Just need a spoke replaced? No problem. Need that wobble straightened? We can sort it out. 

If you would like your bicycle collected please book this first separately (call us on 01273 905920)