About Us

Bike Boom is a  bicycle repair store with a community focus. Tucked away in an industrial estate in Southwick (in between Brighton and Hove and Shoreham-by-sea). This gives us space and reduces costs so we can offer better value to our customers. At Bike Boom you will find great quality servicing and good honest advice, the old fashioned way. We want you to be happy with your bike and to keep cycling and most importantly to get kids cycling too. We offer good prices and fast turnaround. Our aim is getting people to use their bicycles more, whether it is to go to work, school or to the shops and that cycling is not just considered a leisure pursuit. 
At Bike Boom, we care about the environment enormously and conduct our business in the greenest way possible. Our planet and the wellbeing of its inhabitants comes first in our business.

We aim to provide really good, honest advice on all things bicycle related (as well as good chat about boats, skateboarding, classic cars, cats, DIY, gardening and saving the planet). 

The owner TR, a design engineer who loves building/dismantling/fixing things and has a passion for cycling and the environment. Getting more people to ride instead of driving a car for small journeys is what he actively campaigns for. He says "cycling needs to be seen as something more than a leisure activity and become a utility for normal life. I want people to consider riding a bicycle rather than be part of the cause of congestion and pollution".

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email hello@bikeboom.co.uk or call the shop 01273 905 920 or us the chat thingy at the bottom right hand corner of your screen or fill in the form bellow.